About The Tiemart Family

Tiemart Family

Hello and welcome! Tiemart®, Inc. is a family-owned business located in Illinois (an hour or so north of Chicago). Our family is dedicated to providing customers with high quality neckties, bow ties, socks, pocket squares and other fashion accessories at budget-friendly prices. We give each order our personal attention—no robots packing your orders here!

A Brief History

We've been in the tie business for quite some time. In the late 1990s, we began selling ties online from a couple of other online websites. We had the stripes and the prints and the novelty ties, but people would often ask for solid colors and we didn't have any. For many tie sellers, solid colors were a very small part of their business back then.

We eventually found manufacturers to supply the solid colors and opened SolidColorNeckties.com. Solid color ties are still a huge part of our business today, but as we've grown and expanded we've added pattern ties, striped ties, socks, suspenders, tie bars, custom ties and so much more!

While today you may know us best as Tiemart.com, we also have several specialized necktie stores, including SolidColorNeckties.com, BowTiemart.com, SkinnyNeckties.com and StripedTies.com.

About Our Ties

The majority of our ties are manufactured exclusively for us, under our own Tiemart®, Alexander Logan Neckwear®, Regent Morris Neckwear® or Jaina Kiersten labels. These ties are durable enough for everyday use and inexpensive enough for anyone who needs large quantities for a one-time event. We’ve sold millions of ties for weddings, clubs, churches, high schools, colleges, fraternity and sorority groups, choirs, traveling groups, restaurants, business conventions, sports teams, school bands and by many, many individuals. Check out our customer spotlight to get an inside look at who's wearing our ties.

We have supplied ties to many production companies and have seen our ties worn both on television and in movies, and they look great! You may think that ties worn by actors are expensive designer brands. Sometimes they are; often they are not.

We know a lot of people are hesitant to buy a necktie for such a low price. But, we see the same quality ties being sold for $20+ elsewhere. Many have found us to be a great value. We think you will too, if you give us a try. (Check out our reviews to see what past customers are saying.)

Whether you need one tie or several hundred ties, we will give your order the attention it deserves and get it shipped as quickly as possible.

Questions? Call us toll free in the USA at (866) 865-8901 or send us an e-mail. We invite you also to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mike, Darlene, Christine, Jeff, Kim, Amanda and Doug
the Tiemart®, Inc. Family