Wedding Ties

Many of our colors are a close match those of top bridal shops. Click on your wedding color below to easily find our best matching ties. Colors shown are our best matches (typically within a few color shades) and may not be an exact match to your bridal color. Please also be aware that many bridal companies use the same names as one another, even though the colors are not identical. If you have any questions on color, we will be pleased to consult with you or send you free fabric samples so that you can match our colors with your wedding. Our ties are priced low from $5.95 each, making it affordable to outfit your entire wedding party. Don't miss our Wedding Necktie Advice below the colors.

Popular Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Blonde Ties

Canary Ties

Daffodil Ties

Lemon Lime Ties

Sunbeam Ties

Mango Ties

Key Lime Ties

Meadow Ties

Peridot Ties

Clover Ties

Kelly Ties

Emerald Ties

Chartreuse Ties

Fern Ties

Forest Ties

Hunter Ties

Tarragon Ties

Mint Ties

Seafoam Ties

Spa Ties

Mermaid Ties

Oasis Ties

Jade Ties

Gem Ties

Sea Glass Ties

Capri Ties

Pale Blue Ties

Cloudy Blue Ties

Ice Blue Ties

Pool Blue Ties

Malibu Ties

Turquoise Ties

Cornflower Ties

Cerulean Ties

Marine Blue Ties

Pacific Ties

Steel Blue Ties

Horizon Ties

Sapphire Ties

Cobalt Ties

Blue Velvet Ties

Marine Ties

Indigo Ties

Navy Ties

Violetta Ties

Iris Ties

Lavender Mist Ties

Lilac Ties

Freesia Ties

Victorian Lilac Ties

Regency Ties

Lapis Ties

Bouquet Ties

Quartz Ties

Wisteria Ties

Rosewood Ties

Violet Ties

Raspberry Ties

Sangria Ties

Eggplant Ties

Wine Ties

Bordeaux Ties

Garnet Ties

Bellini Ties

Coral Reef Ties

Parfait Ties

Sunset Ties

Coral Ties

Angel Ties

Petal Ties

Blush Ties

Cameo Ties

Ice Pink Ties

Ballet Ties

Tickled Ties

Cotton Candy Ties

Punch Ties

Begonia Ties

Watermelon Ties

Posie Ties

Cherry Ties

Valentina Ties

Red Ties

Apple Ties

Claret Ties

Burgundy Ties

Peach Ties

Tangerine Ties

Poppy Ties

Persimmon Ties

Cognac Ties

White Ties

Ivory Ties

Champagne Ties

Biscotti Ties

Golden Ties

Topaz Ties

Latte Ties

Cocoa Ties

Truffle Ties

Silver Ties

Mystic Ties

Mercury Ties

Quarry Ties

Quarry Ties

Black Ties


Wedding Necktie Advice

Free Color Swatches

Sample our colors before you buy. We offer free fabric color swatches from most of our colors. If you need more swatches or are outside the United States or Canada, swatches can be ordered for a small fee here.

Measure Ring Bearers and Other Children

Although we do give average age recommendations for our tie lengths, these should only be used as a guide and we strongly encourage you to measure each child before purchasing. For a proper fit, measure the boy from the top of the collar to the waist. Choose the length of tie that is closest to your measurement. Kids grow quickly, too! If you are planning ahead and ordering early for your wedding, consider whether the child is likely to grow and require a longer length on your big day.

Order Extra Ties

When you picked out your wedding invitations, you probably ordered extras. We recommend you do the same with your wedding ties. We have worked with many brides that, just days before their wedding, contact us needing additional ties for groomsmen, ushers or other forgotten family members. Although we are able to ship orders quickly, we hate seeing brides pay mammoth shipping charges for last-minute orders. (Depending on where you are located, overnight shipping for a single necktie can run in the $40 to $50+ range and Saturday delivery is even higher!)