There’s nothing basic about ties in tasteful tones of beige and brown. Solid Color Neckties has a huge assortment of brown ties to suit your needs. Whether you’re dressing for business, a celebration or planning the perfect uniform, Solid Color Neckties has a handful of earthy tones to choose from. Narrow by color or shop all brown ties below.

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  1. Chestnut Brown Solid Color Necktie

    Chestnut Brown Solid Color Necktie

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  2. Brown Sequin Bow Tie

    Brown Sequin Bow Tie


109 Items

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When choosing the ideal tie to pair with your outfit, keep in mind the message you want to convey. Your style says a lot about your character. For example, a golden brown tie represents prestige and wisdom. Take a look at our ties in colors such as sparkling champagne and latte to portray confidence and cheer.

For a down-to-earth look, consider a rich chocolate color. Dark shades of brown represent stability and masculinity. A deep brown tie says you’re ready to get down to business. It’s important to pair your necktie with the right color combination and accessories to express your unique style. A brown tie paired with pale or navy blue is a classic business combination. Add some dimension to your outfit by choosing a solid brown tie with a blue plaid shirt. A brown tie from Solid Color Neckties is the perfect accessory to complete your look.