Solid Color Neckties gives you the green light to rock a fashionable necktie in a lavish shade of green. Shop the huge selection of green ties, varying from a sparkling seafoam to dark hunter green. The style of your necktie is just as important as picking the perfect hue. At Solid Color Neckties, you will find your favorite shade of green comes in a variety of neck wear options. Narrow by color or shop all green ties below.

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  1. Light Mint Silk Necktie

    Light Mint Silk Necktie

  2. Lime Green Solid Color Necktie

    Lime Green Solid Color Necktie

    Special Price $7.97 Regular Price $10.95
  3. Jade Solid Color Necktie

    Jade Solid Color Necktie

  4. Gem Solid Color Necktie

    Gem Solid Color Necktie

    Special Price $7.97 Regular Price $10.95
  5. Wasabi Premium Solid Color Necktie

    Wasabi Premium Solid Color Necktie

    Special Price $10.97 Regular Price $13.95

343 Items

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Choose between a skinny tie, a bow tie, a floppy bow tie, a Kentucky colonel bow tie and many more styles to complete your outfit. Accessorize with matching green pocket squares, suspenders, socks and cummerbunds.

If you are planning wedding wear, seafoam is the perfect summery hue. This trendy tone is all the rage and pairs perfectly with beige and light gray suits. Add a hint of mint to your outfit with a fancy fresh bow tie. Matching suspenders tie this look together for a playful yet formal appearance.

When planning the perfect business wear, emerald and hunter green ties portray energy and ambition, perfect for demonstrating dependability and determination in the workplace. Navy suits and light blue button down shirts are a classic combination to pair with a deep green tie. Add some character to your tie by opting for a green skinny tie or bow tie. Dress up your business apparel, party attire or casual every day wear with a green necktie from Solid Color Neckties!