Orange ties aren’t just for Halloween. Orange can be worn all year round. A subtle peach or bright poppy necktie is perfect for spring and summer weddings. Burnt orange pairs well with a suit in the winter, and, of course, pumpkin ties look great in the fall. Narrow by color or shop all orange ties below.

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  1. Poppy Solid Color Necktie

    Poppy Solid Color Necktie

    Special Price $7.97 Regular Price $10.95
  2. Orange Premium Bow Tie

    Orange Premium Bow Tie

  3. Boys' Orange Bow Tie

    Boys' Orange Bow Tie

  4. Boys' Poppy Bow Tie

    Boys' Poppy Bow Tie

  5. Orange Suspenders

    Orange Suspenders


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The color orange is a mix of energy and happiness. It is often associated with joy and sunshine, which makes an orange tie perfect for a wedding or birthday party. Orange also increases oxygen to the brain and mental activity. You’ll practically feel your IQ rising when you put on an orange tie.

Solid Color Neckties offers plenty of styles in your favorite orange color like zipper ties, bow ties and skinny ties. Although orange is a bold color, it matches well with yellow, pink, green and royal blue. You’ll stand out in style when you dress up with an orange necktie.

Yes, an orange tie would look great on Halloween, but don’t just break out those neckties in October. With Solid Color Neckties' many shades, you’ll find the perfect orange tie to wear all year round.