Pink is no longer just for the ladies. Men and women alike can look great in pink. Pink ties are perfect for warmer weather, so try them out in spring and summer months. Spring is a time for subtlety, so blush pink, tea rose pink and other soft shades are a go-to. In the summer, liven up with bright pink ties like fuchsia, coral and hot pink. Narrow by color or shop all pink ties below.

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Much like red, pink stirs up emotions around romance and love, but it’s also much sweeter. Could there be a better tie for date night? Because of its color association, pink ties are also ideal for weddings. You can always stick with tradition too and strut around as a new parent holding your baby girl and wearing a pink tie.

You’ll find pink shades galore at Solid Color Neckties. You will be able to match whatever you need to. Pink ties look great with shirt colors like medium and dark green, and if you want a sophisticated look, pairing pink with black or dark blue will class up your outfit.

If you’ve never worn pink before, now’s the perfect opportunity. At affordable prices, Solid Color Necktie's pink ties are a great way to add something new to your wardrobe. Different shades and styles mean you’ll find just want you want. Get ready to be tickled pink by our selection.