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If you’ve always wanted to feel like royalty, an elegant purple tie can help you with that. Solid Color Necktie’s purple neckties come in so many shades that you can have a purple tie for every season. Winter and spring calls for softer colors, so lilac, english lavender and victorian lilac ties are perfect. In the summer, try something brighter like dark orchid, and when fall rolls around, stick with shades like eggplant and lapis. Narrow by color or shop all purple ties below.

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  5. 3.25" Contemporary 7 items
  6. 3.5" Traditional 54 items

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  1. Boys' Purple Passion Solid Color Clip-On Tie, 11" Length

    Boys' Purple Passion Solid Color Clip-On Tie, 11" Length

    Special Price $0.98 Regular Price $5.95
  2. Lilac Ice Slim Solid Color Necktie, 2.5" Width

    Lilac Ice Slim Solid Color Necktie, 2.5" Width

    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $5.95

242 Items

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Since purple is a mix of two colors, changing purple’s shade will alter what it’s associated with. Purple neckties in the red family will appear warmer, more passionate and more creative. Purple ties with a blue undertone will feel calm and cool. You can decide which occasion merits which shade. Women tend to wear more red-purple colors, while men like darker, rich violets leaning towards blue. But don’t be afraid to try something new with your purple tie!

Whatever your go-to tie is, you’ll find it at Solid Color Neckties. You can grab purple clip-on ties, bow ties, crossover ties and more.

Purple neckties work all year round for so many different occasions. If you’ve got a wedding, a date or a job interview, you’ll look your best in a purple tie.