Red ties are on fire. For a look that’s bold and classic, you can do no wrong with a red necktie. If fire engine red is a little too hot for you, try a softer shade like crimson or claret. Solid Color Neckties offers red ties in shades suitable for any situation. Narrow by color or shop all red ties below.

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  1. Red Solid Color Necktie

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Red comes in two main shades, those mixed with yellow and those with blue. A red tie with yellow mixed—a tomato red tie—is ideal for the warmer months. Bright red reminds people of energy and passion, so summertime is the right time for true reds. Berry reds, the shades mixed with blue, accent fall and winter. The cooler tone syncs with the calmness and darker colors of the colder months.

A red tie pairs nicely with just about any color shirt, but watch out for greens. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. Tomato reds work well with caramel or coffee brown, in addition to other yellow tones. A berry red necktie looks great on gray and navy. And who doesn’t love a bright red tie on a black collared shirt?

Heat up your style with a fun red tie from Solid Color Neckties. Whether you’re looking for something bold or something subdued, you’ll find the perfect shade. Plus, our red ties come in different styles from bow ties to clip-ons. There’s no reason not to try a red tie.