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Silver and Gray

Gray may seem like a dull color, but it doesn’t have to be. A gray or silver tie is the perfect way to accent other colors, so you get contrast without overdoing it. If you’ve got a bright shirt, a gray tie will help tone it down, and if you’re wearing softer colors, silver neckties will brighten them up. Narrow by color or shop all silver and gray ties below.

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  1. Standard Ties 21 items
  2. Extra Long Ties 7 items
  3. Skinny Ties 16 items
  4. Bow Ties 35 items
  5. Uniform Ties 1 item
  6. Pre-Tied Ties 15 items
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  1. Geometric 7 items
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  3. Solid 120 items
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  1. Standard 43 items
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  3. Zipper 4 items
  4. Band 27 items
  5. Self-Tie 8 items
  1. Polyester 103 items
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  3. Cotton 2 items
  4. Linen 1 item
  1. Boys' Traditional 13 items
  2. 2" Skinny 9 items
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  4. 3" Narrow 5 items
  5. 3.25" Contemporary 4 items
  6. 3.5" Traditional 23 items

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  1. Cloud Gray Solid Color Zipper Tie, 17" Length
    Out of Stock

    Cloud Gray Solid Color Zipper Tie, 17" Length

    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $9.95
  2. Boys' Pebble Solid Color Clip-On Tie, 14" Length
    Out of Stock

    Boys' Pebble Solid Color Clip-On Tie, 14" Length

    Special Price $0.98 Regular Price $7.95
  3. Silver Round Cufflinks

    Silver Round Cufflinks


138 Items

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Silver and gray ties are great because you can wear them all year round and to any occasion. A neutral tie will never seem inappropriate. If you want to shine, a metallic or mercury silver tie is perfect for a New Year’s Eve party. A light silver tie pairs well with pastel colors and looks great in the spring time. Pewter and dark gray neckties look especially dapper beside dark reds and navy blues.

Gray is dependable and practical. It emphasizes maturity and responsibility, which makes it a great option for job interviews. It will never be the center of attention, so if you wear it to a wedding, you won’t be taking away from the bride and groom. You’ll find gray ties in many styles at Solid Color Neckties. Try gray in a traditional tie, a zipper tie or bow tie.

Silver and gray ties match everything and should be a staple in your wardrobe. Check out Solid Color Neckties’ selection and find the gray tie that bests fits your personality.