You don’t need to attend a white tie event to don a white necktie. Aside from being the color most commonly associated with weddings, white is an excellent color to combine with business and casual wear. Solid Color Neckties has a wide variety of solid white ties as well as creamy ivory hues. Narrow by color or shop all white ties below.

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  1. Standard Ties 16 items
  2. Extra Long Ties 6 items
  3. Skinny Ties 19 items
  4. Bow Ties 22 items
  5. Uniform Ties 2 items
  6. Pre-Tied Ties 9 items
  7. Scarves 2 items
  8. Crossover Ties 1 item
  9. Floppy Bow Ties 1 item
  1. Metallic 2 items
  2. Solid 109 items
  3. Striped 6 items
  1. Standard 37 items
  2. Clip-On 7 items
  3. Zipper 4 items
  4. Band 17 items
  5. Self-Tie 5 items
  1. Polyester 105 items
  2. Silk 6 items
  3. Cotton 1 item
  1. Boys' Traditional 8 items
  2. 2" Skinny 12 items
  3. 2.5" Slim 6 items
  4. 3" Narrow 3 items
  5. 3.25" Contemporary 3 items
  6. 3.5" Traditional 16 items

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  1. White Woven Necktie

    White Woven Necktie

  2. Boys' Cream Solid Color Clip-On Tie, 8" Length

    Boys' Cream Solid Color Clip-On Tie, 8" Length

    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $10.95
  3. White Crossover Tie

    White Crossover Tie

  4. Ivory Flower Pin

    Ivory Flower Pin

  5. White Clip-On Bow Tie

    White Clip-On Bow Tie

  6. Pearl Clip-On Bow Tie

    Pearl Clip-On Bow Tie

  7. White Self-Tie Bow Tie

    White Self-Tie Bow Tie

  8. Pearl Self-Tie Bow Tie

    Pearl Self-Tie Bow Tie

  9. Boys' Pearl Bow Tie

    Boys' Pearl Bow Tie

  10. Boys' White Bow Tie

    Boys' White Bow Tie


115 Items

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Choose from bow ties, sophisticated skinny ties, floppy bow ties, or a simple white clip-on tie. White ties are an excellent choice to create a professional appearance and signify unity among large groups such as wait staff, choir groups and bands, sports teams, wedding parties and more.

The color white often signifies clarity, purity and truth. White is a versatile tone that pairs perfectly with almost any color shirt. For a spring or summer look, combine a white bow tie or slim tie with a pastel colored shirt. Opt for a white tie, red pocket square and blue shirt for an Independence Day celebration or a white elite tie is suitable for the Christmas season with other festive accessories. Switch things up with a cream colored hue for a more casual appearance. Shop Solid Color Necktie’s white hot selection and find the perfect necktie to suit your style.