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So you want to wear a necktie but you’re not a big fan of the whole tying them thing. Worry no longer. Pre-tied neckties make the wonderful world of neckties accessible to everyone! We have an ample selection of pre-tied ties to choose from that will have you looking sharp in no time. Whether clip-on ties or zipper ties, pre-tied neckties offer all the distinction of the necktie with none of the fuss that can sometimes come with tying them.

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  1. Chestnut Brown Solid Color Clip-On Tie

    Chestnut Brown Solid Color Clip-On Tie

    Special Price $7.97 Regular Price $10.95

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Pre-Tied Ties Make It Easy To Look Good!

They also offer consistency. The tie will always be the same length and the knot will always be proportioned the same. Clip-ons are especially great for children who are unable to tie their own tie and might not be thrilled about having a piece of fabric tied around their neck.

Clip-on and zipper ties are great options for large groups like choirs, wedding parties, restaurants and school groups, too. They can be adjusted quickly and easily to accommodate for a wide range of neck sizes, which is ideal for large groups of people all of varying proportions.

We consistently fill large orders for groups of all sizes. We ship fast too—most orders go out the same day if they’re placed before 4 p.m. central time.