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Skinny Ties

Here at Solid Color Neckties we have a certain reverence for the classics. That’s why we get excited when new life is breathed into an old style.

Our skinny ties come in three different widths—skinny 2", slim 2.5" and narrow 3"—so you can find the tie perfectly sized for your unique style and taste.

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  1. Standard Ties 2 items
  2. Extra Long Ties 5 items
  3. Skinny Ties 295 items
  4. Uniform Ties 1 item
  5. Pre-Tied Ties 4 items
  1. Solid 284 items
  2. Striped 10 items
  1. Black 12 items
  2. Blue 61 items
  3. Brown 13 items
  4. Gold 10 items
  5. Green 39 items
  6. Orange 13 items
  7. Pink 37 items
  8. Purple 41 items
  9. Red 31 items
  10. Silver or Gray 16 items
  11. White 13 items
  12. Yellow 16 items
  1. Standard 290 items
  2. Zipper 4 items
  1. Polyester 262 items
  2. Silk 30 items
  3. Cotton 8 items
  1. 2" Skinny 159 items
  2. 2.5" Slim 133 items
  3. 3" Narrow 2 items

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295 Items

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Hip Skinny Ties at the Right Price

The Hollywood elite, rappers and hipsters everywhere have spoken—skinny neckties are back! Whether you’re the lead guitarist in a rockabilly band, desperately trying to be Mad Men’s Don Draper or just like the skinny tie look, we’re sure we’ve got skinny ties you’ll love.

Skinny ties are fun, trendy ties that are great for celebrations and festive occasions of all types. They’re also great for day to day wear, knotted tightly or loosely, with a full suit or simply a button down shirt. Get creative! There’s one or two skinny ties somewhere in our extensive inventory with your name on them.

Need a lot of skinny ties? As their popularity grows, more and more wedding parties, vocal groups, hotels and restaurants are outfitting themselves in these stylish, fashion-forward members of the neckwear family. We fill large orders all the time and even offer special deals when you buy ties in bulk.

Happy shopping!