When you're attending an event that requires a bow tie and tuxedo, a solid color cummerbund will complete your formal look. For the epitome of black tie attire, pair a classic black cummerbund with a matching bow tie. Brightly colored cummerbunds are a popular choice for weddings and prom. Here at Solid Color Neckties, you'll also find large quantities of cummerbunds for your orchestra or choir.

Style tip: Pleats up! The proper way to wear a cummerbund is with the pleats facing upward. You may have heard cummerbunds jokingly called crumb catchers, but they really do catch fallen crumbs when worn in this direction. Back in the day, the pleats were also used as shallow pockets to hold tickets for the night's opera or symphony. An aristocratic man should never dig through his pockets, after all.

Matching bow ties can be found within the related products section of each cummerbund.

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